The Glass Princess

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The Glass Princess
Generation 1 | Season 1 | Episode 16-19
My Little Pony 'n Friends
Original Airdate(s) October 6, 7, 8, & 9, 1986
Writer(s) Tracy Mann Hill and

Michael Charles Hill

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The Great Rainbow Caper Pony Puppy

The Glasss Princess is a 4 part episode. Each segment is 10 minutes long and it was the forth story in the first series of My Little Pony 'n Friends. Which aired in the US between 6 - 9 October 1986. In part 3 of this episode set, there is a scene where the ponies hair magically grows back when cut. This led to many pony toys getting hair cuts with the belief that the hair would grow back. During the last episode the song Hurry was cut from the show very soon after it hit the air, for some unknown and unstated reason. Fans have already concluded that it was not due to time as The Disney Channel had to slow the episode down, or that it wasn’t due to something like Megan running with siccors, as people that have seen it report she or the ponies do nothing of the sort.


hair is just starting to grow back from being cut
hair is growing back
hair is all grown bag and the villans have gathered up what they have cut for their evil plans
  • Episode 1 The ponies are getting ready for the Pony Olympics and practicing their skills. When three creatures called Raptorians spot some clothes on a washing line, they report their find back to Porcina who tells them she’s looking for magic material to repair her cloak, so she can use magic to turn things into glass. Shady feels low and not as good as the other ponies around her in this event, Molly tries to cheer her up and tells Shady to ask them if they feel she’s useless or not. The Raptorians find Ponyland and report back to Porcina suggesting the pony’s hair would be a great material for Porcina’s cloak. Meanwhile Shady is explaining how she feels to Gusty, Heart Throb and Lickety Split and the three ponies try to help her but Shady feels they don’t understand how she feels and leaves. After the Raptorians capture the three ponies and fly them back to Porcina.
  • Episode 2 The Bushwoolies see what’s happening to the ponies and rush off to Paradise Estate to tell the others. Meanwhile the Raptorians tie up the three kidnapped ponies and lead them into a cave in the Black Mountains. Gusty leaves her headband behind as a marker for the others. The Bushwoolies now having alerted Megan and the others about the three ponies, a group split off and try to find them. Shady hears about what’s happened later; she blames herself for leaving them and runs off. Molly convinces Shady everything is fine when they find the Bushwoolies furs, the Bushwoolies are shedding so they decide to follow it to try to help the rescue group. Porcina orders that the ponies hair is cleaned before they use it on her cloak, so the Raptorians put the ponies through a pony car wash of sorts and make up their faces. Meanwhile Megan and co find Gusty’s Headband and the entrance to the cave but it’s blocked by a rock. The Bushwoolies say their granddad used to live up here and they’ll find another way in for them.
  • Episode 3 The Raptorians cut the ponies hair which grows back straight away so they decide to never let the ponies leave. They then make them weave the new cloak and there they stay till Megan and co rescue them. Meanwhile the Bushwoolies and Megan find the entrance and enter it cautiously; Shady and Molly still following out of sight as back up encase the others need help. Megan and co find the three captured ponies and plan to stop the Princess Porcina turning Ponyland into glass. Listening in the background to the explanation gives Shady an idea to use the Bushwoolies fur. Porcina changes Ponyland to glass and then the creatures in it after the Raptorians talk her into it. Porcina retires to bed and the Raptorians celebrate that Ponyland is theirs.
  • Episode 4 Looking for the way out the other ponies learn Ponyland has been turned into glass and then that Shady and Molly were tailing them. Shady apologies and tells them about her plan to use the Bushwoolies fur to make another cloak and swap it for the real one. After a trip to the weaving room they have their new cloak which they mix up with the real one when they’re trying to swap it. The Raptorians turn up and Megan has to grab one of the two cloaks hoping it’s the right one before hiding. The Raptorians wake up Porcina and tell her the ponies have escaped ordering her to turn them to glass. Gusty then sneezes and reveals where everyone is hiding, the Raptorians order Porcina again to turn them into glass but Porcina can’t as they seem more real to her then the ponies in her mirror. The Raptorians take the cloak off her and try to do it themselves, realising they have the fake cloak; they fight Megan for the real one in a tug of war. It rips the cloak releasing its magic and it turns the Raptorians into glass. Everyone goes back to Ponyland to put things right and Porcina leaves with the Bushwoolies who have torn up the cloak, to be their fur groomer.



Bettina Bush as Megan
Keri Houlihan as Molly
Scott Menville as Danny (2)
Katie Leigh as Heart Throb, Lickety-Split
Nancy Cartwright as Gusty
Jill Wayne as Shady
B. J. Ward as Surprise (1), North Star (2-3)
Jeannie Elias as Magic Star (1), Whizzer (1-2)
Susan Blu as Paradise
Russi Taylor as Cupcake (2)
Tress Macneille as Porcina
Charlie Adler as Raptorian

Unknown actors as Raptorians, Bushwoolies

Non-speaking appearances by Baby Heart Throb, Baby Lickety-Split, Baby Lofty, Buttons, Cherries Jubilee, Gingerbread, Masquerade, Posey, Ribbon, Truly



The Glass Princess/The Magic Coins DVD release
DVD back cover
  • Release Date: January 24, 2006
  • Running Time: 96 minutes
  • DVD also contains: "The Magic Coins"

Crew and Credits


  • E1 As Cupcake jumps over the hurdle she changes immediately to the pink pony Shady.
  • E1 When Gusty says “you can try it if you like” the middle little pony is white and yellow, upon the close up of their heads we see a purple and white baby pony.
  • E1 The small creature swaps places with the tall creature at the end of showing Porcina the clothes, which makes him tall and the other small.
  • E1 Porcina’s mirror is clearly on the ground while she is holding it, talking into it after she tries to turn the little fluffy pink creature into glass and the episode is aware it is, as she talks into the one on the floor later.
  • E1 When they have a close up of the one in the green hooded clothes, the bra from his mouth has gone but returns in the full shot.
  • E1 For a split second while Shady is talking to Molly feeling sorry for herself, her mane disappears a couple of times. Shortly after Molly has changed into a t-shirt and trousers instead of her dungarees.
  • E1 Megan starts by brushing Sweet Stuff at the lake while panning, After when the camera is on her it’s Lickety Split. Then in the mirror it’s Sweet Stuff again.
  • E1 Lickety Split speaks through a closed mouth as she eats ice cream by Shady and Molly.
  • E1 Heart Throb lands next to Shady but she is also sitting on a rock above Megan as they pan to the right.
  • E1 Heart Throb loses her outfit as the Raptorians drop a net on Lickety Split, Gusty and Heart Throb.
  • E2 As they zoom into Megan by the pool there are three ponies on her left on the close up there’s only North Star and Cup Cake.
  • E2 When the ponies with Megan notice Gusty’s head band, Magic Star is purple as well as North Star.
  • E2 As Megan says our first clue, either they’ve coloured Paradise on the left wrong or have got Magic Star’s mane wrong.
  • E3 Last episode at the end the ponies were covered in make up, in the start of episode three it’s all gone, the Bushwoolies have changed designs from plain arms to multi coloured arms and when Megan finds the entrance Magic Star is missing from the group.
  • E3 When Gusty says she has dropped her headband at the entrance to the cave the pink strip in her hair is missing.
  • E3 Molly is animated for the last half of Shady’s speech after Megan goes into the tunnel.
  • E3 Mid way through the song in episode three Heart Throbs neck disappears.
  • E3 After Megan saves the ponies, when they’re all in the shot, Heart Throbs wings are white.
  • E3 Two of the Raptorians sit on Porcina’s chair but only one gets up out of the way for the boss to sit on it.
  • E4 When we first see Megan and the ponies Heart Throb is white.
  • E4 When Megan and co look through the broken glass to see PonyLand turned to glass for the first time, Magic Star is drawn too small compared to the other ponies.
  • E4 After looking in the mirror to see Ponyland turned to glass, The group running to hide includes Surprise who wasn’t with the group to start with.
  • E4 While Shady is telling the group her plan, When the ponies are fanned out in front of her, Gusty is missing her horn.
  • E4 As they go to take Porcina’s cloth, Magic Star has pink hair and Paradise has shrunk.
  • E4 Gusty is in the room already but when they say “somebody is coming” Gusty runs into the room with Lickety Split.
  • E4 When Gusty and Shady dive into the cupboard they shut the door, when Megan passes it’s one door is open and later still it’s fully open with other ponies Paradise and Magic Star in.
  • E4 When the Raptorians take the cloth for themselves and threaten Megan and Co Magic Star’s Mane is pink again.
  • E4 When Porcina is realising the Raptorians never felt anything Surprise has joined the group.


  • Heart Throb and Whizzer have their first speaking roles.
  • Magic Star and North Star return, played by new actors.

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