Spike's Search

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Spike's Search
Generation 1 | Season 2 | Episode 5
My Little Pony 'n Friends
Original Airdate September 11, 1987
Writer(s) Michael Charles Hill
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The Quest of the Princess Ponies The Golden Horseshoes

The Spike’s Search episode is 10 minutes long and it was the second story in the second series of My Little Pony 'n Friends. This aired in the US on 11th September 1987


The episode starts off with the baby ponies playing volley ball. The ball bounces away and when Spike goes to hit the ball back he sneezes, breathing a large flame through the net which scares all the baby ponies away. Megan tells him not to worry about the flames size as it’ll become more powerful as he grows. He continues to sneeze flames and runs off. Spike feels the thing he needs to help him is to learn how to be a dragon from other dragons. Danny joins Spike on his quest to find other dragons and they meet a baby eagle called Weston who doesn’t know how to fly yet and has been separated from his parents. The bird joins them and they find some monster looking dragons sitting around a campfire. Spike sends the others on to find Weston’s parents while he goes off and talks to them. Spike asks to join their campfire dragon group. They’re reluctant as first then they test him or rather trick him by going to a city, destroying it and stealing their food. Spike knows this isn’t right but goes along with it anyays. Danny and Weston are watching what’s happing and go back to Paradise Estate to get help. Locket flies to the camp to see what the dragons are up to. Spike tells the dragons about the little ponies and the dragons go for a visit. Locket let’s the ponies know they’re going to visit Dream Valley and the ponies put on a welcome for the dragons with a spread of food. While they’re eating Danny and the ponies spring floods of water at the dragons. The dragons leave complaining about the ponies. Then Weston’s parents return. Spike releases that Dream Valley is where he belongs after a peep talk from Danny and he’ll meet the right dragons to help him one day.


Spike's Search

One day, Spike sneezes, and his flame seems out of control, so he goes looking for some older dragons to give him some advice.

Running time apporx 20 minutes

  • 1988 MSD Video
  • 1988 Hasbro Inc
  • 1988 Sunbow Productions Inc


  • Someone to look up too

Someone to look up too
That's what I'm looking for
Someone who will show me the sky
And teach me how to soar
Someone to look up too
My goal is just the same
Someone who will help me to learn
To tame my dragon's flame
Someone who will teach me right from wrong
Someone who will teach me good from bad
Someone who will show me where I belong
Someone like a mom or a dad
Someone to look up too
I have no one right now
But I will find that someone
Me too!
Someday, somehow


Bettina Bush as Megan Scott Menville as Danny Charlie Adler as Spike Ellen Gerstell as Locket Jill Wayne as Baby Lofty Jeannie Elias as Baby Lickety-Split Unknown actor as Weston

Non-speaking apparences by Baby Cuddles, Baby Half Note, Baby Heart Throb, Baby Ribbon, Baby Sundance, Baby Tiddley-Winks, Cupcake, Heart Throb, North Star, Ribbon, Shady, Sundance, Bushwoolies

Crew and Credits


  • Baby Lofty’s mane is coloured a dark brown as Spike breath fire through the net.
  • After one dragon says “Little pip squeak like him would only get in our way” one of the crown less dragons has a mini crown drawn on his head.

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