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Scandinavian Cupcake's backcard

Fairytale Ponies

Scandinavian Surprise's card (front)
Scandinavian Surprise's backcard

Backcard for the Scandinavian set Fairytale ponies or "Sagoponies" in Swedish, which included all ponies seen on the back (long hair version of Firefly, and Gusty with green eyes and glitter symbols) as well as Powder and Yellow Moondancer, not pictured. Although the card mention it being distributed by Hasbro UK, the set itself was never sold there, but was shipped to Scandinavia, and most probably also South Africa and Australia.

Scandinavia Lullabye Nursery (Pony Club Exclusive)

Cardboard Lullabye Nursery

An exclusive Mail Order item to Scandinavian Pony Club members was a cardboard Lullabye Nursery playset with re-adhesive stickers, made by a company called Uniset.

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