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Nightshine, Loose
French Title MOC
  • Release Year: 2002
  • Availability: Europe
  • Series: Magic Fantasy Hair Ponies
  • Notes: Nightshine has only this G2 release. She shares a symbol with Rumba and Samba. Nightshine’s white hair glows in the dark. She is mistakenly called Nightglow in step 2 of her backcard.

Regional Names (English Translation)

  • Dutch: Glinstertje (Glitter)
  • French: Nuit Étincelante (Sparkling Night)
  • Italian: Notte Chiara (Clear Night)

Pony Stats

Night Glow, Loose with Accessories
  • Pose: Clever Clover Pose
  • Body Color: Yellow
  • Hair Color: Glow-in-the-Dark White and Orange Mane, Orange Tail
  • Eye Color: Periwinkle with Pink Crystal
  • Symbol: Pink Striped Toy Ball

Backcard Stories




  • Collect all the My Little Ponies and share in their adventures.
  • 1 Join Nightshine in her sweetest world! You can wear her colourful hairpins and you will be forever friends!
  • 2 Look at Nightglow’s mane and at her hairpins in the dark: they really glow in the dark!



  • Verzamel alle My Little Ponies en beleef vele leuke avonturen met hen!
  • 1 Betreed de magische wereld van Glinstertje! Je kan haar prachtige haarspelden ook zelf dragen en vriendinnen voor het leven worden!
  • 2 Kijk! De manen en de haarspelden van Glinstertje stralen licht uit in het donker!

English Translation:


  • Collect all My Little Ponies and have many fun adventures with them!
  • 1 Enter the magical world of Glitter! You can also wear her beautiful hairpins yourself and become friends for life!
  • 2 Look! Glitter’s mane and hairpins radiate light in the dark!



  • Collectionne tous Mes Petits Poneys et partage leurs aventures de tous les jours
  • 1 Rejoins Nuit Étincelante dans son monde merveilleux ! Tu peux mettre ses barrettes colorées et être son amie pour toujours!
  • 2 Regarde la crinière et les barrettes de Nuit Étincelante brillent dans la nuit!

English Translation:


  • Collect all My Little Ponies and share their everyday adventures
  • 1 Join Sparkling Night in its wonderful world! You can wear her colorful hair clips and be her friend forever!
  • 2 See Sparkling Night's mane and barrettes glow in the dark!



  • Collezionali e gioca con loro: i tuoi My Little Pony nella loro vita quotidiana.
  • 1 Entra nel dolcissimo mondo di Notte Chiara! Puol indossare le sue mollette colorate ed essere la sua migliore amica!
  • 2 Guarda! Una ciocca della criniera di Notte Chiara e le sue mollettine sono fosforescenti!

English Translation:


  • Collect and play with them: your My Little Ponies in their daily lives.
  • 1 Enter the sweet world of Clear Night! You can wear her colorful hair clips and be her best friend!
  • 2 Look! A lock of Clear Night's mane and her hair clips are phosphorescent!

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