Mane Delight Beauty Shoppe

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Playset Loose Photo
MIB Mane Delight Beauty Shoppe (German packaging)
Petite Pony Misty (European version)
Petite Pony Misty (US version)
Misty's symbol, a perfume bottle
instructions front
instructions back
Sign, placed on the roof of the building

Mane Delight Beauty Shoppe is one of three shoppes created for G1 Petite Ponies. It included 2 pieces of white fence, counter, cash register, mirror with picture of Misty, seats with drier overhead, jewelry counter, coffee table, magazine rack and large sink in purple and yellow in the US and blue and white in Europe.

It came with the molded-tail Petite Pony Misty in the US, who was yellow with pink hair, and had a lavender perfume bottle as her symbol. The European version of Misty is a ponytail pony with a pink tail and a blue bow.

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