The Ice Cream Wars

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The Ice Cream Wars
Generation 1 | Season 2 | Episode 10
My Little Pony 'n Friends
Original Airdate September 18, 1987
Writer(s) David Wise
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The Ice Cream Wars episode is 10 minutes long and it was the fifth story in the second series of My Little Pony 'n Friends. This aired in the US on 18th September 1987


The baby ponies are baby sitting two sets of new born twins and they are causing them a lot of mischief and giving them a lot of stress. The baby ponies decide to take the new borns to the sweet shop for a walk but Scoops the owner has run out of ice cream. This makes the new borns cry, Scoops explains that Rocky Ripple has shut down The Mix Ville Ice Cream Works to drive Fudgy McSwain out of business. They hate each now but they used to be friends. So Baby Lickety-Split decides to try to make them friends again. When they ask him he refuses calling Fudgy a thief. He explains that his latest creation’s recipe has disappeared and he believes Fudgy took it. Fudgy refuses to crawl to Rocky as he feels it’s him who is owed the apology. When the new borns cry Fudgy agrees to talk to Rocky. They say sorry to each other but Fudgy flips a switch unawares and a machine squirts ice cream into his face causing another fight. Fudgy flips another switch and it takes the new borns out of their prams and puts them in ice cream tubs. The baby ponies catch the tubs in the new born’s prams. Fudgy comes back in to the room with a tank machine that starts firing ice cream at Rocky’s place. Then Rocky changes the side of the building into a tank and does the same. The baby ponies head back to the sweet shop and Scoops gives them the very last Ice cream she has that she was saving for a special occasion. They feed it to the new borns and Milkweed spits out the recipe. They take it to Fudgy and Rocky who are still fighting. Baby North Star jumps in the middle of the fight and hands the recipe back to Rocky. They offer all the ice cream the babies can eat but the babies want nothing more to do with ice cream.


The Ice Cream Wars
The Ice Cream Wars

The Little Ponies decide to have an ice cream treat and are very dissappointed to find out The Satin Slipper Sweet Shop has run out. They discover that a misunderstanding between Rocky Ripple, who owns Mixville Ice Cream Works, and Fudgy McSwain of the Creamy Confection Foundry is the reason. Can the Ponies reconcile thier war and get ice cream manufactured again?

  • 1990 Sunbow Productions Inc.

Running time approx 30 minutes in colour


  • Babysitting

Baby North Star:
Babysitting! Babysitting!
Babies fuss and cry and spitting
Baby Fifi:
Babysitting! Babysitting!
Oh, my aching head is splitting!
Baby Quackers:
Caring for a cuddly tot takes a lot
Your nerves get shot - quack quack quack!
Baby Lickety-Split:
Babies cause all kinds of trouble - hey, you two!
Baby North Star:
And with twins, your trouble's double!
Babysitting! Babysitting!
Babies fuss and cry and spitting
We say "yes" - they say "no"
We say "stop" - they say "go"
No wonder that we feel like quitting
Babysitting! Babysitting! Babysitting!


Jeannie Elias as Baby Lickety-Split
Ellen Gerstell as Scoops
Robbie Lee as Baby Quackers, Baby Tic Tac Toe
Unknown actors as Baby Bouncy, Baby North Star, Baby Fifi, Sniffles and Snookums, Milkweed and Tumbleweed, Rocky Ripple, Fudgy McSwain

Crew and Credits


  • Right at the start there’s confusion at whether it’s Baby Sniffles or Baby FiFi talking. Baby North Star says “Come on Sniffles take food from Baby Fifi” Possibly Sniffles with out being animated says “Fifi not eating tasty good food Sniffles” Just before she chucks the food on FiFi.
  • Mid song the New Born pink twins jump on to Baby FiFi’s back and one turns purple while the others tail and mane turns purple.
  • Mid song as they get to we say yes, they say no, the order of the Baby ponies lined up keeps changing and the back of Baby Lickety-Split’s head gets coloured in Lockets colours.
  • When the song is over Baby Fifi who was seen without the bowl on her head has it drawn back on her head when the same happens to Baby Lickey Split.
  • At the ice cream shop Baby Fifi gets replaced and coloured into a yellow pony with a green and red mane called Tic Tac Toe. Baby Fifi returns later while talking to Fudgy but Baby North Star is left out of the 4 then.
  • When Rocky and Fudgy first get together, Tick tack toe is coloured in white. From the next angle it’s then Baby Fifi again.
  • After the machine start spewing ice cream, North Star is now a blue and yellow pony Baby Bouncy, that is there pushing the prams also with the other three ponies Quakers, Tic Tac Toe and FiFi, toward Fudgy who just turned the On machine On again with Baby Lickety-Split by his side, even though there was only 4 ponies to start with there are now 5.
  • Baby Tic Tac Toe speaks with a French accent like Baby FiFi when the babies land back in their prams from the ice cream conveyor belt.
  • When Baby Lickety Split says “this no good, ice cream suppose to make people happy” during the ice cream battle she’s beside herself.
  • After they find the recipe in the ice cream the 4 that become 5 ponies have now become 7 ponies as all of them (including a purple and white one Scoops) are drawn in watching the fight.

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