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Starting in G1 Year Three (1984-1985) complete pony outfits were available to be purchased separately (no pony included). Sold separately pony wear has not be made available in any other generation.

Year Two (1983-1984)


Year Three (1984-1985)


Pony Wear with Jewelry

Mother and Baby Pony Wear

  • Pony Wear Collection 4

Year Four (1985-1986)

Baby Pony Wear with Pocket Pals

Megan and Pony Wear

Megan and Pony Wear

Year Five (1986-1987)

Play 'n' Wear


Costume Wear

Costume Wear Backcard

Baby Pony Wear With Pocket Pals

Pony Pack

Year Six (1987-1988)

Pretty Ups

Year Seven (1988-1989)

International Exclusive Pony Wear

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