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The Mane Six presented as humanoid dolls

Equestria Girls Twilight Sparkle is a humanoid version of the G4 pony Twilight Sparkle, as depicted in the movie My Little Pony: Equestria Girls. More dolls were pre-released for the upcoming movie, Equestria Girls 2: Rainbow Rocks.

Media Appearances

Twilight Sparkle is the main character in the Equestria Girls movie, where she travels through a mirror from the Crystal Empire to the human world. Her goal was to retrieve her element of magic tiara, which Sunset Shimmer had stolen. However, her unfamiliarity with the human world, in addition to Sunset Shimmer's plans, made that difficult. As a human, Twilight retained several pony-like behaviors, but was unable to use magic. She would eventually befriend the human versions of her friends, and work with them to successfully regain her tiara, at which time she regained several pony-like features, mainly, her ears, wings, and a longer hair that resembled a pony tail.


Basic Twilight Sparkle

Basic Twilight Sparkle
Basic Twilight Sparkle face
stock photo
stock photo

The basic doll comes with a painted on pink top, skirt, and matching shoes. Translucent wings were also included, and could be attached to the back. Her hair is purple with pink streaks with one longer section to simulate a tail. She has blue and glittery purple eyeshadow and stars on her left cheek. Her legs end in pegs that snap into her boots. The right boot has stars painted on the outside.

Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer

stock photo
stock photo

Another Twilight Sparkle doll came as part of a two pack with Sunset Shimmer.

Doll and Pony

Doll & Pony Twilight Sparkle
Doll & Pony Twilight Sparkle face
Twilight Sparkle Doll & Pony MIB
stock photo

This version included a dress, shoes that snap onto her peg legs, and attachable wings, as well as a small purse. Also included was a toy of Twilight Sparkle in her alicorn redesign. The toy included a molded mane and a brushable tail, and featured a pattern on the front leg that resembled human Twilight's skirt pattern. A gem could be attached either to the pony or to the purse. The doll has purple hair with pink streaks and an extra long section to simulate a tail. Her eyeshadow is blue and glittery purple and she has stars on her right cheek.

Through the Mirror

stock photo
stock photo

This version was exclusive to Walmart, and had longer hair. Her outfit included a pink painted on top, skirt, crown, and shoes. Also included were her wings and several barrettes.

Rainbow Rocks Single

Rainbow Rocks Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Rocks Twilight Sparkle face
stock photo
stock photo

This version included a headset, wings, and her band outfit from the "Perfect Day for Fun" music video. This doll, unlike previous ones, had feet that the shoes attached to. Her legs are dark purple and molded with a pattern to simulate fishnet stockings. She has one pink and one yellow stripe in her purple hair and one segment is extra long to simulate a tail. A pink star is over her right eye while her left has pink eyeshadow.

Rainbow Rocks Singing

Singing Twilight Sparkle
Singing Twilight Sparkle face
stock photo
stock photo

Singing Twilight Sparkle has 11 different phrases and song clips that can play when she is given a high five. She has purple hair with stripes of pink, red, yellow, and blue and one extra long section that simulates a tail. There are two batteries compartments in her jointed legs, each requiring an LR44 battery for her to work. Her right eye has a pink star over it while her left has pink eyeshadow.

Rainbow Rocks Deluxe

Deluxe Twilight Sparkle
Deluxe Twilight Sparkle face

Deluxe Twilight Sparkle has blended purple and pink hair. Her arms are painted a darker purple to resemble elbow length gloves, and her legs are a matching shade. She has a large pink star over her right eye and pink eyeshadow around her left.

Neon Single

Neon Twilight Sparkle
Neon Twilight Sparkle face
stock photo

Slumber Party

Slumber Party Twilight Sparkle
Slumber Party Twilight Sparkle face
Slumber Party Twilight Sparkle MIB

Slumber Party Twilight Sparkle has jointed knees and elbows. Her hair is purple with pink stripes. She has blue eyeshadow and stars on her left cheek. The pajamas she wears have the same fabric pattern but are a different type than the ones she wears in Rainbow Rocks.

Rockin' Hairstyle

Rockin' Hairstyle Twilight Sparkle
Rockin' Hairstyle Twilight Sparkle face

This version of Twilight Sparkle wears her outfit from the "Friendship Through the Ages" music video. Her elbows and knees are jointed and her arms are painted to resemble gloves. She has purple and blue eyeshadow and multiple stars along the left side of her face. Her hair is blended purple and pink. There are holes in her ears for her earrings.

Sporty Style

Sporty Style Twilight Sparkle
Sporty Style Twilight Sparkle face
Sporty Style Twilight Sparkle MIB

Sporty Style twilight Sparkle has jointed knees and elbows. Her hair is purple with a pink stripe. She wears blue and purple eyeshadow and has stars on her left cheek.

School Spirit

stock photo

Rainbow Dash & Twilight Sparkle 2 Pack

stock photo

This set was an ASDA exclusive.

Flash Sentry & Twilight Sparkle 2 Pack

stock photo

Midnight Sparkle

stock photo


stock photo

Twilight Sparkle was released wearing the outfit Rarity made for her for the fashion show in the Legend of Everfree movie.

Crystal Wings

stock photo

Equestria Girls Collection

Twilight Sparkle Collection.jpg
Twilight Sparkle Collection Face.jpg


stock photo

Budget Version 2

stock photo

SDCC Sci-Twi

stock photo


Redesign Twilight Sparkle

This version of Twilight Sparkle has jointed elbows. Her hair is blended blue and black with purple and pink stripes, and her eyeshadow is blue. She wears her outfit introduced in the "Forgotten Friendship" special.


Twilight Sparkle McDonalds EQG.jpg



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