The Magic Coins

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The Magic Coins
Generation 1 | Season 1 | Episode 31-34
My Little Pony 'n Friends
Original Airdate(s) October 27-30, 1986
Writer(s) Michael Reaves
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Little Piece of Magic Mish Mash Melee

The Magic Coins is a 4 part episode. Each segment is 10 minutes long and it was the tenth story in the first series of My Little Pony 'n Friends. That aired in the US between 27th – 30th October 1986


  • Episode 1 Megan and the others are setting up to have a picnic near some water. The sea ponies find a treasure chest and bring it to them, Megan and the group open it to find it filled with coins. They forget about the coins and start a game of volley ball but as Sweet Stuff goes for the ball, she trips over the chest of coins spilling them everywhere. Megan tells Sweet Stuff she can clean them up later after their game, right after that Gusty pops the bubble ball Fizzy had made so Fizzy goes to the lake to make another bubble. She steps on a coin while wishing she could make bubbles that are big and strong enough to be kept from popping. She makes a big one that captures Molly and she floats away. Wind Whistler uses some salt in the picnic basket to sprinkle over the bubble when she is over the pond. It pops, Molly land in the pond and the sea ponies bring her to shore. Baby Lickety Split then steps on a coin wishing for lots of food which they get; Wind Whistler notices it’s the coins and that they’re magic. A sudden rain storm leaves them running for home but when unknown to Megan and co, Baby Lickety Split wishes it’d never rain again and the cloud disappears very quickly. Time passes and soon all the plants begin to wilt and die and they notice it’s unusual that it hasn’t rained in a long time. Baby Lickety Split finally tells them what she’s done and they realise they’re in trouble. Magic Star had been looking after the remaining coins but when she brings them back there’s only three left. Each coin has its own symbol to indicate the type of wish you could ask for, they try wishing for rain but nothing. So they go off to ask The Moochick for help only to find the sea ponies had ran out of water in their pond.
  • Episode 2 We join the group with the sea ponies out of water. Whizzer tells Megan there’s water due south about a mile away and Megan splits the ponies and Danny and Molly into two groups. She and her group go to The Moochick and Danny, Molly and co take the baby sea ponies to the water. Megan quizzes The Moochick over the magic coins, telling him that they started the heat wave. After finding a related book, he sends them to a troll who lives in Crimson Cavern beyond the desert. The Moochick can’t help reverse the effect of the coins only the troll can so off they set. When Danny and co get to the water it’s already dried up. They move on to try somewhere else. Megan and co keep moving through the desert and use the cactuses for water. Galaxy feels followed then a guy bounces onto screen calling him self Puck. After introductions he offers to guide them to the troll but it isn’t long before they’re under attack by goblins. They get cornered in the gulley and Megan wishes for light to scare off the goblins. This works without a hitch and they carry on and speak with the troll, who is gate keeping at a bridge. Megan asks if he’d like to know about his magic coins, they confess they’ve spent them and he raises the draw bridge as they cross over, leaving them hanging.
  • Episode 3 We join Megan and co with them hanging from the bridge. Megan promises if the troll lets them go they’ll bring back a treasure equal to what they’ve spent, them Heart Throb pushes it to better then the coins. Megan also gets the troll to promise to undo the wishes of the magic coins so far. The troll agrees and lowers the bridge, inviting them in to his home. Puck tells them about things the Troll might like, one being the Heart of Fire, a huge ruby in the creator of Fire Mountain. The second was a beautiful golden rose in the haunted garden and the third an Emerald idle in a ruined city. Megan decides to split up further and go find all three. Meanwhile Danny and co, decide to go back to Paradise Estate to look for water there. Back with Megan’s group, Magic Star gets to the Haunted garden with Heart Throb and Spike. After picking up the rose the plants come to life and chase them, they get away with the flower thanks to Spike’s flames. Niblick hates it; he has rose fever and sneezes at it. Galaxy, Gingerbread and Puck look for the Emerald idle. Galaxy winks over to avoid booby traps and she gets trapped under a net. The others run over dodging traps to help her. Puck gets the Idle while Gingerbread frees Galaxy, a cave in starts and they just miss a being trapped in. They take the idle back to Niblick and it cracks up into dust due to being hit with a falling rock as they escaped. Megan, Wind Whistler and Fizzy go after the Heart of Fire. It’s in the middle of a volcano; Wind Whistler tries flying to it but nearly falls in to the lava due to the hot air currents. Fizzy can’t wink to it as it’s too far. So Megan asks Fizzy to use a bubble as they’re still big and strong, then she flies out to it with Wind Whistler, Wind Whistler can make it back and gets stuck on a ledge just low of the high land Fizzy is on.
  • Episode 4 We re join Megan and Wind Whistler stuck on the ledge. They use a magic coin and wish their way up by being as light as a feather. When they get back Niblick has lots of ruby though and turns their try down too. He shoos them away and they go back to Paradise Estate where the others are still trying to get water for the sea ponies. Baby Lofty flies off to try to find some water herself but gets hit by a bird and drops the glass jug she was carrying, which starts a fire. They get all the baby ponies away from the estate while Megan tries to wish the fire out but it fails. Wind Whistler rescues Megan who is getting choked up by the fire and goes on about friendship being the best treasure. This gives Megan the idea to make a friend for Niblick. She flies to him on Whizzer and wishes, another troll appears and begins cleaning the house. Niblick likes his gift and Megan gets him to undo the coins effects and everything goes back to normal.



The Magic Coins

Running time approx 60 minutes

  • 1988 Sunbow Productions Inc. All rights reserved.

The Ponies find some magic coins with a fantastic power - they make any wish come true! Free wishes can be dangerous though, and one of the wishes dries up all of the water in ponyland! Without water, the Sea Ponies are in trouble - can Megan use the last coin to save her friends? (from VHS case)


The Glass Princess/The Magic Coins DVD release
DVD back cover

  • DVD Release Date: January 24, 2006
  • Run Time: 96 minutes



Bettina Bush as Megan
Keri Houlihan as Molly
Scott Menville as Danny
Charlie Adler as Spike (2-3)
Katie Leigh as Fizzy, Heart Throb (1-3), Lickety-Split (1), Ribbon (3-4), Water Lily (4)
Sherry Lynn as Galaxy, Baby Half Note (1), Cherries Jubilee (1), Gingerbread (2-4), Baby Ribbon (4)
Jeannie Elias as Magic Star (1-3), Baby Lickety-Split (1), Sweet Stuff (1), Whizzer (2, 4)
Sarah Partridge as Wind Whistler
Nancy Cartwright as Gusty (1), Posey (1), Surf Rider (1), Baby Cuddles (4)
Jill Wayne as Baby Lofty (2), Shady (4)
B. J. Ward as North Star (4)
Unknown actors as Ripple (4), The Moochick (2), Puck (2-3), Niblic (2-4)

Non-speaking appearences by Baby Shady, Baby Sundance, Buttons, Cupcake, Lofty, Masquerade, Paradise, Sundance, Truly, Beachcomber, Sea Shimmer, Sunshower

Crew and Credits


  • E1 When the Sea ponies lift the treasure chest to the surface, Sweet Stuff and Baby Sundance become Wind Whistler and Fizzy.
  • E1 The fruit Megan places on the picnic mat next to Baby Lickety Split isn’t drawn in when Sweet Stuff slides over the mat into the treasure chest.
  • E1 Buttons is by Fizzy when Fizzy goes to make another bubble ball after Gusty pops the first, even though you can see no ponies in front of Fizzy as she moves towards the lake. Then after making the bubble Buttons’ bow on her tail is huge compared to normal.
  • E1 When Molly is up high looking down on Megan, Wind Whistler has Ribbon’s colours.
  • E1 As Sweet Stuff comes out from the back of the sofa; Cupcake is replaced by Wind Whistler.
  • E2 When Megan asks The Moochick if he can do anything to reverse the effects of the wish, Ribbon can be seen with the group even though she should be with Molly and Danny’s group.
  • E2 When Gingerbread first speaks she has no bag, in the next shot she does.
  • E2 As Megan and the ponies drink from the cactuses, in the group shot Whizzer has joined them when she’s back with Danny’s group.
  • E2 As Danny, Molly, Ribbon, North Star and Lofty walk on carrying the Sea ponies, when it fades into the other group, you can see Lofty has been coloured blue.
  • E2 When Puck introduces himself, Lickety Split has joined Megan’s group even though she’s with Danny’s group.
  • E2 When we first see Megan and the ponies asleep, Shady and Lofty can be seen in the group even though Lofty is with Danny’s group and Shady wasn’t present at all.
  • E2 When Megan first calls the troll over at the bridge, Gingerbread is on the right and Ribbon has joined the group on the left, after the shot gets closer Gingerbread is on the left and Whizzer and North Star have joined the group. Then when the troll stops them on the bridge Masquerade is by Fizzy.
  • E3 As Wind Whistler flies over the ponies during the song, Gusty can be seen in the bottom left corner even though she wasn’t with Megan’s group.
  • E3 While Spike is blowing flames at the plants, Magic Star and Heart Throb switch places.
  • E4 When we join Danny, Molly and the Sea ponies in the tub Shady is behind them, Then the very next moment Shady can be seen walking over to the front of the tub with a almost empty bucket from the other direction.
  • E4 Cherries jubilee is animated talking and sounds like Baby Ribbon as she walks out side of the nursery.
  • E4 As Galaxy runs with Megan towards Paradise Estate. Galaxy tells Megan to use the last coin but her mouth isn’t moving.
  • E4 When the ponies are running from the fire with the baby sea ponies on their backs, A wingless Whizzer who has just taken Megan to Niblick can be seen running with the heard.
  • E4 When Nibick goes to undo the coins magic Fizzy has replaced Whizzer.
  • E4 At the start of the song, Truly is seen with Lofty as they fly up (even though Truly is an earth pony) She then turns into Paradise.
  • Story Errors:

Pegasus ponies Wind Whistler and Heart Throb that are able to fly; can be seen hanging off the bridge as if they would fall to their death and not be able to fly away.


  • First of two appearances by Beachcomber (in the opening shot of Part 2)
  • Final appearance of Molly
  • First speaking role for Posey; first and only speaking role for Ripple
  • The Moochick is recast from this episode, played by an unknown actor.

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