The Golden Horseshoes

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The Golden Horseshoes
Generation 1 | Season 2 | Episode 6 & 7
My Little Pony 'n Friends
Original Airdate September 14 & 15, 1987
Writer(s) Carla Conway

and Gerry Conway

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Spike's Search Flight to Cloud Castle

The Golden Horseshoes is a 2 part episode. Each segment is 10 minutes long and it was the third story in the second series of My Little Pony 'n Friends. This aired in the US between 14th and 15th September 1987


  • Episode 1 Sweet Stuff and Spike are out looking for Mimic, when they see Mimic she is fading in and out in front of them. They ask Mimic what’s wrong but she faints. They take her inside and go to get Megan. Megan examines her only to find nothing wrong with her. They believe magic is the cause so Megan, Spike, Paradise, Lofty, North Star and Wind Whistler all go off to see The Moochick. The Moochick shows them the book Pony legends and History, reading the story of the four Golden Horseshoes. He tells them Mimic is a descendent of a special unicorn in this legend who had lost her shoes and that they need to collect the four horseshoes to make Mimic well again. The Moochick points them to the first and goes to help look after Mimic. They land in Sqreerah and explain to the Sqree what’s happening. The Sqree won’t part with the horseshoe so Wind Whistler challenges them to a race with the horseshoes or herself as the prizes. Wind Whistler loses and they learn the race was fixed so they scare the Sqree and take the horseshoe. The horseshoe shows them the next place to go Blarkland. They soon arrive there and the occupants offer the horseshoe for a trade of a riddle that he doesn’t already know. Paradise tells him a riddle about a creature that walks on a different amount of legs during the day. He’s left stumped and orders Cracker his assistant, to lead them to the next horseshoe which is under a lot of junk, when they tell him the answer. They retrieve the horseshoe and save Cracker from a falling pile of junk so the guy they told the riddle too, orders a tunnel dug to the Goblin Tunnels which will lead them to the next shoe. Entering the tunnel they are then greeted by the Goblins boys with a bag and net.
  • Episode 2 The ponies run for it and hide while the three Goblins trip and start arguing. The goblins can read minds so they catch North Star, Spike, Megan and Lofty easily. Wind Whistler and Paradise are spared thanks to the horseshoes they now wore around their necks, so they follow them secretly. Megan and co explain to the Goblin Mother why her children are fighting. It is because they can read each others minds using the horseshoe she wears. She refuses to give it too them. Meanwhile The Moochick has the idea to try to make some more horseshoes so Whizzer takes him home to his workshop. As the goblins fight while guarding the cage the ponies are in, Wind Whistler frees the ponies. North Star goes back and steals the horseshoe from the Goblin Mother before flying off, The Goblin mother becomes grateful as the boys stop fighting. The Moochick can’t make the shoes as the magic involved is to strong for him to control. The Horseshoes indicate the next and final horseshoe is up high at the home of the Green Mountain Elves. The elves welcome them and Megan explains why they’re there. The elf child Mayve, owns it and you can’t take from a child in the elves world unless the child agrees. They ask for it back but she refuses and takes them on a tour. Megan then shows Mayve Mimic and the elf relents letting the ponies have the horseshoe. The Moochick puts the shoes on Mimic and she becomes well again.



VHS with The Quest for the Golden Horseshoes

Although the VHS case says "The Quest for the Golden Horseshoes" the title shown on the video itself is "The Golden Horseshoes".


The Quest of The Princess Ponies and The Golden Horseshoes DVD re-release



Bettina Bush as Megan
Charlie Adler as Spike
B. J. Ward as North Star, Surprise (1)
Ellen Gerstell as Lofty, Mimic
Sarah Partridge as Wind Whistler
Susan Blu as Paradise
Jeannie Elias as Sweet Stuff (1), Whizzer (2)
Russi Taylor as Cupcake
Unknown actor as The Moochick

Non-speaking appearences by Heart Throb, Posey, Truly

Crew and Credits


  • E1 As Cupcake puts a pillow under Mimic head, Mimic doesn’t have her cutie mark just before Spike covers it up.
  • E1 As Wind Whistler says “there all safe and sound”, Spike’s arm can be seen through her nose.
  • E1 When they find the horse shoe of light, Wind Whistler changes to North Star between shots.
  • E1 As they dig a tunnel to the Goblin Tunnels, as it pans over the ponies they all jump from not being aligned right with the previous cell.
  • E1 As Megan says “Thank you for your help”, Wind Whistler has been coloured pink.
  • E2 Just before the Goblins go off to tell their mother about the ponies they’ve capture, ones beard disappears for a cell or two.
  • E2 The Goblin’s mother goes from standing to sitting in cells right next to each other just before the song starts.
  • E2 At the end of the song and the Goblin mother wipes her eyes with her apron, the apron is still drawn around her too.
  • E2 After Whizzer declares herself the fastest flyer, Galaxy, Cupcake and Truly who are earth ponies, have been drawn with wings.
  • E2 On the last frame as The Moochick and Whizzer walk off before fading to the Goblins, the always faded Mimic disappears completely.
  • E2 As they fly away from the Goblin mother all four ponies have a horseshoe around their neck even though they’ve only found three at that point and the same occurs as they land on the cliff edge. Then upon close up only two of the ponies have a horseshoe. Then back too four horseshoes as they look up where you can also see Wind Whistlers leg hasn’t been filled in properly. They all lose them again when they get to the large door after brief correctness.
  • E2 Mayve only takes Megan and three ponies excluding North Star, but North Star is then seen on the high tower they land on. Also on the tower Wind Whistler has no wings.

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