The End of Flutter Valley

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The End of Flutter Valley
Generation 1 | Season 1 | Episodes 1-10
My Little Pony 'n Friends
Original Airdate(s) September 15-19, 22-26, 1986
Writer(s) George Arthur Bloom
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My Little Pony: The Movie The Ghost of Paradise Estate

The End of Flutter Valley is a 10 part episode, each episode is 10 minutes long and it was the first story in the first series of My Little Pony 'n Friends. Which aired in the US between 15–26 September 1986. It’s been dubbed by fans as the second My Little Pony Movie.


  • Episode 1: Surprise is playing about and scares the other Ponies while out walking. Baby Cuddles jumps across the other ponies in fright and lands on Spike. Gusty tells Surprise to knock it off as they’re on there way to Flutter Valley and are already late for the celebration. Gusty blames Cupcake for their lateness as she had to bake a cake. The witches Hydia, Reeka and Draggle are watching them through a pool of water. They plan to ruin the flutter ponies’ celebration. Hydia sends her daughters out to stop the group making it to Flutter Valley. They use a spell on some Daisies, turning them into ropes to lassoes the ponies. They catch them ruining Cupcakes cake. The flutter Ponies had got worried when the group hadn’t shown and went out looking for them. They spot them with the witches and switch to utterflutter, a faster fluttering of there wings. Thanks to the pollen and the Flutter Ponies the group of Ponies get away while the witches worry about what Hydia will do to them. The witches decide to go to Flutter Valley too. At Flutter Valley Rosedust Queen of the Flutter Ponies, declares the day Sun Tuesday under a golden Sun Stone while the witches try to find another spell. The Bushwoolies hand Rosedust cakes she thanks them then Cupcake offers her Chocolate cake looking a bit ruin. Suddenly the earth shakes; the witches had use a land slide spell and the ponies run for covers. The Sun Stone looks like it’s about to fall.
  • Episode 2: The two witches think they have them when mud starts flying back up at them. It turns out Draggle had made a land pie as well, they run off and the ponies cheer. The Flutter Ponies Honeysuckle and Morning Glory argue whether to get revenge or not on the witches but Rosedust calms them down and the ponies tell the Flutter ponies they have to leave for home. The two witches get back to the volcano to a telling off from Hydia and she just can’t understand why they’re not evil enough. Hydia calls her family to her from out of paintings and they give her an idea to steal the Sun Stone and take over Flutter Valley. The girls go to find Bumble A big bumble bee, and her bees to help capture the Flutter Ponies and Sun Stone. Finding her the witches introduce them selves and convince Bumble she wants the Sun Stone off the Flutter Ponies who she hates and to help them. Spike watches for more witches when Surprise flies in warning the other ponies of creatures ahead. They find Furbobs friends of the Bushwoolies and they run over to say hello and introduce themselves. Where the Bushwoolies always agree the Furbobs never do. The Furbobs explain the Stonebacks are chasing them from everywhere they live. Just then the Stonebacks start eating the bridge they look like armoured armadillo with crocodile mouths.
  • Episode 3: The ponies are on the bridge calling for help, the bridge breaks and Fizzy makes a bubble with her horn that the Bushwoolies and Furbobs fall onto. Surprise saves Spike and Baby Cuddles dropping them face first in some mud. The others fall in some near by water. The Furbobs can’t remember why the StoneBacks hate them and Baby Cuddles has hurts her leg. They decide to go to Furbobia as it was closer then Paradise Estate. The daughter witches try a spell of a rainbow with Bumble and steal the Sun Stone, they succeed and the flutter ponies chase the bees into Bumbleland. Bumble asks Sting her guard to prepare the honeycomb. The Flutter Ponies’ spot the stone on the floor, as they swoop in to get it Sting drops the Honeycomb on them trapping them inside. Bumble gets Sting to place the stone to warm the land while the witches enjoy their new home making it dark and dirty. Still unable to find Furbobia the ponies carrying Baby Cuddles on a raft rest. They tell Baby Cuddles not to worry while wishful the Bushwoolie wishes for some apples that fall straight off the tree in front of them. Surprise pushes them on reminding them the sun will be setting soon and they run into more StoneBacks. Bumbles land is flourishing and she starts eating all the flowers while the Flutter Ponies argue again. Honeysuckle suggests a plan to blown down the wall and escape. They shift to utterflutter and Bumble covers them with honey to stop them suggesting they’ll be her slaves.
  • Episode 4: Bumble is still tipping honey in but Sting reminds her she doesn’t want to drown them. Morning Glory hadn’t got hit as much as the rest and escape out of a window in the honeycomb, she’s chased but makes it to freedom. Surprise is trying to distract the Stonebacks but it wasn’t working. The other ponies too try but nothing works till Buttons drops a lot of apples on them and they run for it finding the Furbobs home. They tell the furbobs about Baby Cuddles leg and the Furbobs call out “prepare the steamer”. Meanwhile Morning Glory is getting tired the honey on her wings is slowing her down and making her heavy. The bees find her and she has to fly again but they capture her and take her back to Bumbleland. Bumble is feeling rather full after too much nectar when the bees drop Morning Glory in front of her. She gets Sting to put Morning Glory into a cage just before she falls to sleep. Baby Cuddles is scared about what’s going to happen to her. The Bushwoolies reassure the ponies that the Furbobs won’t hurt her. During the song Baby cuddles is in a box and the Furbobs make her float on multi coloured steam when she lands she’s all better. The ponies decide to help with the Stoneback as they’ve helped them; they decide to go back to Flutter Valley to get the Flutter Ponies. The daughter witches are having second thoughts about leaving the volcano of doom their home but Hydia still insists on it.
  • Episode 5: Bumbleland is getting so hot a bee Pointer, burns his finger on a flower. He dips it in the only tiny ice patch left that had once covered the land. He wakes up Bumble and tells her about the Sun stone she ignores him and goes back to sleep. The Flutter Ponies notice it’s getting hotter, Morning Gory tries to change Sting’s mind to let her go and return the Sun Stone. She learns he can’t fly so she teaches him. She almost gets away but Sting remembers his job and locks her back up. The ponies make it back to Flutter Valley and find its awful now. They’re greeted by Hydia and her daughters. They brag about having Flutter Valley but the ponies fight them. The ponies then have to run from Ahgg but he drops a web on them trapping them. Back in Bumbleland the Sun Stone has coursed a fire, the whole kingdom burns while bees drop water all over it. The bees abandoned Bumbleland and Morning Glory points it out to Sting Bumbleland is burning.
  • Episode 6: Back with the Flutter Ponies the fire still rages but it’s melting the honeycomb. The Flutter Ponies are hoping it’ll melt enough for them to escape. Morning Glory is finally freed by Sting when he realises Bumble has left him and he knock the Sun Stone to the ground burning a hole in the floor. Morning Glory then explains to him Flutter Valley is finished without it. Bumble returns and tries to get Sting to lock Morning Glory back up but he refuse and claims the Flutter Ponies as his friends. So Bumble orders Pointer to take Sting prisoner too. Sting and Pointer fight in the air with Sting the winner before they fly away and the Flutter Ponies escape from the honeycomb on hoof only to be stopped by the bees. Hydia and co are still waiting for Flutter Valley to turn dark. The other ponies have been strung up in a tree, in a web net. Fizzy comes up with an idea and uses her bubble power on the Furbob while the ponies ask Ahgg to let him out so Ahgg can play with the Furbob. Ahgg does and the bubble pops letting the Furbob run off for help to Hydia’s dismay. Sting and Morning Glory work on how to save the Flutter Ponies and Sun Stone when a rainbow appears. Morning Glory explains Megan lives on the other side of the rainbow and is hoping she’ll help them so they fly along it. They make it to her house but can’t find her instead they find a bull.
  • Episode 7: The bull is still chasing after Sting and Morning Glory, Sting knocks himself out trying to escape. So Morning Glory tries to distract the bull while Megan rides in luckily in time to help. Megan fetches the red blanket off of her horse and flags the bull back into its stall. Morning Glory and Sting explain what’s going on and they set off for Ponyland. The witches try to turn the little ponies purple instead turn them selves purple so they have to go all the way home to wash it off. The furbob realises he doesn’t know where to go for help just when Morning Glory and co drop in to ask about the other ponies. Bumble has had to go back to the old ways of finding flowers. Having run out, she orders the Flutter Ponies to her and asks them to get the Sun Stone back. She makes them dig the hole bigger while Pointer tries a crane to lift it out. Honeysuckle makes an excuse she wants a drink before spitting it up in Pointers face and taking over the crane. She lifts up Bumble and puts her over the hole. Pointer tries to help Bumble by cutting the rope and dropping her chair into the hole while Bumble jumps off. The bees then go on the attack again after the Flutter Ponies. Bumble ends up tripping Honeysuckle into the hole.
  • Episode 8: The Flutter ponies call out to see if Honeysuckle is ok but they hear no reply. Pointer puts the Flutter Ponies back to work while Megan tries to talk to Bumble. She tells Bumble she’s surrounded and twigs twitch all around them. Pointer knocks Megan; Sting goes to fight Pointer again while the Flutter Ponies try to escape again. This time Pointer wins and Bumble traps them all in another cage marching the Flutter Ponies back to work. The other ponies are trying to cheer up Draggle and they try to convince her to let them go. They offer Draggle pony magic before breaking out into song to show her. They trick Draggle into letting them go and tie her up but it isn’t long before the ponies are caught in another “fly” trap by the witches. Morning Glory is getting upset that there’s not much time left, Bumble runs out of flowers and Honeysuckle climbs out of the hole freeing Morning Glory and co. She tells them to get the flutter ponies to go down the hole and Bumble and her bees have a surprise coming. Honeysuckle’s brought the Stonebacks with her who attack Bumble. With the Flutter Ponies free Honeysuckle calls off the Stonebacks and escapes herself, Leaving Furbob at the top of the hole.
  • Episode 9: Bumble closes in on the Furbob but they pull him into the hole. The Ponies all start to fill in the hole. Bumble tries to go down the hole after them but gets stuck. Megan tries to convince the Furbob that the Stonebacks may want to just be friends with them but he has to check with the others first before he can agree. The Flutter ponies use utterflutter to cool off the Sun Stone and rush off with the stone to Flutter Valley. The Stonebacks dig them out and the Furbob goes with Sting to get the other Furbobs to help drive out the witches. Hydia is making Draggle run around carrying the spell book when she spots the Flutter Ponies. Hydia sends Ahgg to stop them after giving him a potion to stop him being tickled this time like they did in the first movie. Megan does try to tickle Ahgg but nothing happens.
  • Episode 10: Ahgg still has them trapped; Megan uses the Stonebacks to tunnel under Ahgg. The witches toast to their certain win. The furbobs and Bushwoolies turn up to help dig the tunnel under Ahgg. They make it to the other side and Ahgg falls over into his web. The witches run away as the Flutter Ponies realise the other ponies. They put the stone back just in time when Bumble turns up to steal it again. Sting gives Bumble some home truths and Rosedust offers that Bumble can come back any time to help herself so Bumble thanks them and leaves. The Sun Stone starts to restores the land and Morning Glory and Honeysuckle apologize to each other. Just when everything seemed fine a cloud turns up to block out the sun. It’s the witches trying one last attempt at claming Flutter Valley. The Flutter Ponies blow the cloud away and get the witches by blowing them away too. They then celebrate as the Valley gets back to normal.



The End of Flutter Valley DVD release
The End of Flutter Vallery older DVD release
  • DVD Release Date: August 30, 2005
  • Run Time: 90 minutes



Russi Taylor as Cupcake (1-4, 10), Rosedust, Morning Glory (2-10)
B. J. Ward as Surprise, Peach Blossom (3-9), Forget-Me-Not (4-5, 8-9)
Nancy Cartwright as Gusty, Baby Cuddles (1-4, 10)
Katie Leigh as Fizzy
Susan Blu as Buttons
Charlie Adler as Spike
Bettina Bush as Megan (7-10)
Tress MacNeille as Hydia
Jennifer Darling as Reeka, Draggle
Frank Welker as Pointer, Ahgg, Stonebacks
Non-speaking appearence by Lily

Crew and Credits


  • E1 When we first see the witches Draggles pink pocket is on the wrong side.
  • E1 As the witches Reeka, and Draggle are knocked out of the house their responses aren’t synced up with their mouths.
  • E1 The first ponies around the corner when the witches make ropes out of daisies are Gusty, Fizzy and Baby Cuddles, next shot Gusty is replaced with Buttons and Spike.
  • E1 The four Flutter Ponies looking for the other ponies are first light blue and Pink later they’ve added a shade of purple.
  • E1 When Rosedust is addressing the Little Ponies at the start of the Sun Tuesday celebrations, Buttons, Fizzy and Cupcake are sitting in front of her. Yet when it switches it to the witches' view a yellow pony is sitting in front of Buttons and next to Fizzy when she wasn't before. When it switches back to Rosedust's view the yellow Pony is gone. Also, two of the Bushwoolies that are sitting with the ponies swap places.
  • E1 When the witches consult the book draggles pink patch on her clothes is gone.
  • E1 At the beginning of the song "From The Sun" there are a group of ponies sitting and dancing in front of the Sunstone. Paradise is in the group, yet she does not feature in this episode. As the camera draws back and the Sunstone starts to send out rays of light, Paradise turns yellow, which is another major mistake.
  • E1 Sweet Stuff is playing skipping rope with Surprise and a ribbon even though she’s not in this episode mid song. Then she’s seen singing with Rosedust. Also they’ve added another white and pink pony.
  • E1 At the start Cupcakes cake is pink or white then when she gives it to Rosedust its brown with not a trace of pink on it.
  • E1 Before Cupcake gives Rosedust her cake Button and Gusty aren’t present but when they zoom out you see them clearly in areas you would see them from the other angle. Right after that even more ponies have appeared in shot and Cupcakes cake is fixed hurray! In Rosedust’s hooves.
  • E2 After the land slide stops Surprise lands next to Gusty and is a yellow colour.
  • E2 When Hydia forces her daughters to eat doughnuts. The doughnuts on the table have the holes coloured in, yet the doughnuts that Reeka and Draggle are holding have transparent holes.
  • E2 While the witches are talking to their family Draggle’s pink patch on her clothes is missing. It also goes missing when she has to climb a tree in Bumbleland.
  • E2 While the witches say good bye too their family the picture frames are empty and behind them, then next clip they’re in front of them and full of the family.
  • E2 When Sting threatens to sting them his fingers is sticking out of the gloves next shot his gloves are complete.
  • E2 When we first see the Furbobs on the bridge they are coloured orange and pink. When the Bushwoolies run up to them, the orange Furbob is now blue. In a similar problem, Wishful the purple Bushwoolie, is a tan colour when the camera shows an aerial view.
  • E2 As the Stonebacks begin to destroy the bridge and the ponies call for help. While the bridge moves up and down, locks of Gusty and Baby Cuddles' hair flash white and Baby Cuddles is also drawn in a deformed fashion with no neck and two rumps.
  • E3 As Baby Cuddles falls from the bridge, one of her locks of hair hasn't been coloured in and flickers transparent on and off.
  • E3 When the Bushwoolies ask why don’t the Stonebacks like the Furbobs, the purple leaves on Gusty's symbol haven't been coloured in, leaving them white. Also, Baby Cuddles' eyes are too low down on her head giving her a deformed look.
  • E3 Baby Cuddles hurts her leg in the fall from the bridge and Cupcake comes forward to comfort her. Baby Cuddles says 'Don't know. Can't walk.' but Cupcake is the one animated to say this line and Baby Cuddles' mouth doesn't move.
  • E3 When we first see Bumble over Flutter Valley her flower is drawn on the wrong side.
  • E3 When Reeka is conjuring the fake rainbow to distract the Flutter Ponies, the grey pot on her head is blue for a while.
  • E3 When they put Baby Cuddles down for a rest she’s holding up the other leg from the one that was hurt originally.
  • E3 When the apples drop with wishful’s help, Fizzy speaks with her mouth chewing.
  • E3 when Surprise flies in to push them on Baby Cuddles isn’t on the raft they were carrying her on, next scene they’re lifting her away.
  • E3 As the Stonebacks confront the ponies near the apple tree, Spike decides to snort at them. While he says “Maybe I could snort to them. I heard my dad do it once a long time ago”. His right ear disappears and reappears multiple times.
  • E3 As the Flutter Ponies discuss how to escape from the giant honeycomb they are trapped in, Rosedust addresses the Flutter Ponies. Yet Rosedust is in the audience and Honeysuckle is addressing the group in Rosedust's voice.
  • E4 As Morning Gory makes her way out of the honeycomb she calls Rosedust Honeysuckle and the amount of honey on her keeps changing.
  • E4 While Gusty tries to blow the Stonebacks away a pink pony not Buttons has joined the heard.
  • E4 After Gusty stops trying to blow the Stonebacks away Baby Cuddles leg is now bandaged to represent it was hurt in the last episode even though no one has wrapped it up. As they run away it isn’t bandaged.
  • E4 As the Ponies and friends are fleeing from the Stonebacks, Fizzy is incorrectly drawn with Pegasus wings.
  • E4 As the group of ponies enter Furbobia they pause to admire the beauty of the place. Cherries Jubilee is in the back of the group, when it should be surprise.
  • E4 While Bumble is trying to get Sting to lock up Morning Glory he sleeve turns from white to brown.
  • E4 Just as they start the steaming on Baby Cuddles as they pull away from the other ponies you can see Gusty’s cutie mark is missing.
  • E4 As the Furbob shows the ponies the way out of the orchard Fizzy’s Tail flashes from her tail to her rump and back again.
  • E4 Just as the witches go to play with the turtle, Hydia’s lipstick is a dark purple and the bags under her eyes are flesh coloured. Also Reeka and Draggles eyes whites are blue.
  • E5 At the start while Bumbles sleeping, the folded part of her sleeve flashes from white to brown on and off.
  • E5 When Bumble pushes Pointer off to do something about the fire the bottom of her legs are yellow.
  • E5 As Bumble joins the other bees and Pointer to escape the fire, the cape she’d just burnt appears back on her back.
  • E6 Just before the Flutter ponies escape there's no honey all over the comb but next shot there is. Then Honeysuckle goes from no one around her to everyone around her.
  • E6 On the first close up of Surprise and Gusty, Surprise is missing her cutie mark.
  • E7 Megan takes her saddle off of her horse with no red rug under it then when it’s on the fence the red rug that’s still on the horse is now under the saddle.
  • E7 When we first see Bumble sucking the nectar out of the last flowers Pointer has handed to her, when she leans back the bottom of her purple t-shirt flashes back and forth to black.
  • E7 When Rosedust asks what do you want with us?, the honey you see on their heads as they walk over to Bumble is now gone. It continues to reappear and disappear through out the show.
  • E8 When the ponies start singing about Pony Magic we see Surprise on the left when the scene changes she’s switched with Buttons.
  • E8 While the ponies are walking away from Draggle, Surprise is walking odd behind Buttons then pops in front of her when they stop.
  • E9 Rosedust is animated with Honeysuckles' voice when she says come on let’s fill up the hole.
  • E9 When Bumble thinks it’s a good idea to go down the hole after the ponies, part of the fur on her robe flashes the same colour as her skin.
  • E9 In the song while the Furbobs are running over the hopscotch with the Stonebacks, the blue one keeps changing to pink on the loop.
  • E10 When Gusty is first on screen her body pops through the web as she talks.
  • E10 While they’re small and pulling the Sun Stone back into place Baby Cuddles is more a white or pink then blue.
  • E10 When they’re up close yelling "pull", Surprise’s wings are missing.
  • E10 Megan gets animated for Spikes words of “I didn’t see that cloud before” when the witches send over a cloud.
  • E10 When we first see the witches on the cliff, Draggle is sporting a new short hair do with her ponytail no where to be seen.


  • First appearance of Baby Cuddles, Cupcake, Honeysuckle, Forget-Me-Not, Lily and Peach Blossom.
  • First speaking role for Baby Cuddles, Cupcake, Surprise, Honeysuckle, Forget-Me-Not and Peach Blossom.
  • As of this episode, Megan is played by Bettina Bush; Buttons is played by Susan Blu; Hydia is played by Tress Macneille; Reeka and Draggle are played by Jennifer Darling.

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