She's All Yak

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She's All Yak
Generation 4 | Season 9 | Episode 7
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Original Airdate May 11, 2019
Writer(s) Brian Hohlfeld
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Common Ground Frenemies

She's All Yak is the seventh episode of season 9 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


When Sandbar asks Yona to a pony dance, she goes to Rarity and her friends for a makeover in appearance and personality.


Twilight Sparkle announces that she will be holding a traditional pony ball, the Fetlock Fete, at the school under the new name "Amity Ball". Although a traditionally pony dance, the new ball will be open to all creatures, but still feature many traditional elements of the Fete. Sandbar asks Yona to accompany him to the dance, and she accepts, but only after worrying about the dance as it is a pony dance. Yona enlists Rarity to help her present pony-ish for the dance, which Rarity gladly agrees to help with. Rarity tries to teach Yona how to articulate properly by filling her mouth with Brussels sprouts and asking her to speak, and then looks for a dress for Yona to wear. Although Rarity wants to make Yona stand out, Yona remarks that she came to Rarity to get help fitting in. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash then help Yona to learn two dances for the Ball. She is overwhelmed by the traditional dance steps of the slow dance Fluttershy tries to teach, and wrecks the gym when learning the upbeat dance Rainbow Dash knows. Applejack and Pinkie Pie then help Yona decide on a dish to bring to the potluck. At the end of the training, Yona speaks like a lady and has mastered dancing and reigning herself in. At the dance, Sandbar is excited to see Yona, but his friends tell him that she spent the whole week preparing herself for the dance. When Yona arrives in a purple wig and green gown, Sandbar assures her she did not need to go through so much trouble. Yona brushes him off, saying that she wanted to fit in for once. They go off to dance, and during the first dance, Yona trips over her gown. She gets back up and starts dancing to the more upbeat dance, but her wig falls down over her eyes and she panics, wrecking the ballroom and her dress. She ends up running into the potluck dinner, and runs away ashamed. Yona is singing sadly to herself at the Treehouse of Harmony. Sandbar finds her and attempts to comfort her over the ordeal. She tells him that she was afraid that he wouldn't see her as a great Pony Pal, and Sandbar remarks that he just wanted her to be herself. They embrace, and a comet is seen trailing through the sky. He gets her to agree to return to the dance. Once returned, Yona apologizes for ruining the dance, and the mane 6 apologize for attempting to make Yona something she is not. Twilight declares Yona and Sandbar the winner of the "Best Pony Pal" contest for showing true friendship, with the pony on the trophy replaced by a yak. Spike asks Yona to teach everyone that "crazy dance" she was doing earlier, and the rest of the ball-goers learn the Yakyakistan Stomp.