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(Disney Princess Kimono)
(Disney Princess Kimono)
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<gallery caption="Accessories" widths="150px" heights="150px" perrow="3">
<gallery caption="Accessories" widths="150px" heights="150px" perrow="3">
File:Belle_damsel_hat.JPG|[[Disney Build-A-Pony|Yellow Damsel Hat]]
File:Belle_damsel_hat.JPG|Yellow Damsel Hat (also sold at the [[Disney Build-A-Pony]])
File:BelleTop.jpg|[[Disney Build-A-Pony|Yellow Cape]]
File:BelleTop.jpg| Yellow Cape (also sold at the [[Disney Build-A-Pony]])
File:.jpg|Yellow Tail Ribbon
File:.jpg|Yellow Tail Ribbon
File:.jpg|Yellow Bow Brush
File:.jpg|Yellow Bow Brush

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G3 Kimono
G3 Kimono II
Kimono's Symbol

Kimono was first released as one of the Glitter Celebration Ponies in summer 2003.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Kimono Pose
  • Body Colour: Pinkish purple
  • Hair Colour: Purple with irridescent tinsel
  • Eye Colour: Green and yellow with pink symbol
  • Symbol: Two yellow Japanese lanterns with flower designs
  • Hoof Heart: Yellow


Backcard Stories

Kimono is always very busy, but she's never in a hurry. She takes time to enjoy every minute of every special day, having fun with with all her friends!

Media Appearances

Kimono in " A Charming Birthday"

Animated pony stats

  • Body Colour: Lilac
  • Hair Colour: Deep Purple
  • Eye Colour: light green and dark green
  • Symbol: Two yellow Japanese lanterns

Kimono starred in A Charming Birthday, in which her voice was played by Kathleen Barr.

Year One (2003)

Glitter Celebration Kimono


Kimono I

Special Edition

In 2003, a promotion for the My Little Pony toyline Hasbro sold a limited amount of numbered ponies on Ebay through the ebay seller WorldinAdvance. There were 50 of each pony sold and they were numbered 1-50 with an official foil sticker placed on their packaging. These ponies also came with a certificate.

Year Two (2004)

Disney Princess Kimono

Disney Princess

Kimono I

Backcard Story

Every day is full of magic at the Disney Theme Parks. These Little ponies are excited about meeting their favorite Princess. Will it be Belle, Cinderella, Aurora or Ariel?

Year Three (2005)

Discount Kimono

G3 Kimono II

Pose: Sunny Daze Pose Kimono II Discount chain single, sold only at KB Toys.

Backcard Story

Kimono's Backcard

Kimono is always very busy, but she's never in a hurry. She takes time to enjoy every minute of every special day, having fun with all her friends!

  • Variations

Eyes: The main difference is the heart in her eye has gone from pink to white in this version

Kimono Merchandise

Giant Plush

Giant Plush Kimono

The competition as states was a colouring competition in store at Target.

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