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Generation 4 | Season 9 | Episode 8
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Original Airdate May 18, 2019
Writer(s) Michael Vogel
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She's All Yak Sweet and Smoky

Frenemies is the eight episode of season 9 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


Grogar sends his legion of doom on a mission to become allies, but his plan works too well and they almost become friends.


Grogar is planning on obtaining a bell that he watches in his crystal ball, but is interrupted by the bickering of Cozy Glow, Tirek, and Chrysalis. He orders the three to learn to work together before he leaves, and says that he does not care how it happens, but it is imperative to their goal. Cozy Glow assumes that she is in charge and tries to arrange a meeting between the other two members of her team, but both Tirek and Chrysalis ignore her. Cozy Glow sings "Better Way To Be Bad" and attempts to resolve their differences, but the trio end up fighting by the end of the song. Grogar is frustrated that no progress has been made and orders them to now go and work together to retrieve his Bewitching Bell, which Gusty the Great hid on the top of Mt. Everhoof when he was first defeated. Cozy Glow intends on working together with Chrysalis and Tirek to retrieve the bell, but upon seeing that they have no intention to work with her decides to go her own way. Chrysalis seems to be making good ground, as she is unintimidated by the surrounding fauna and her shapeshifting abilities prove to be very helpful, but fails at the top of the mountain as she is unable to fight the wind long enough to reach the cavern hiding the bell. Cozy Glow attempts to coerce a guard into helping her up the mountain, but is unfruitful and ends up causing an avalanche, burying both of them in the snow. Tirek is seen testing the winds, but decides it's not worth it and crafts a campsite and chair and waits for the return of his partners. Tirek ridicules Cozy Glow once she returns, and explains that he was letting Cozy and Chrysalis do all the work of finding faults with any plans, and then intended to use this information to craft a better plan. They start arguing, which attracts a nearby Ophiotaurus, a bull-snake hybrid, but is then infatuated with a female Ophiotaurus. Chrysalis reveals herself to be the female Ophiotaurus and drains him of his love. She then assures both Cozy and Tirek that she only saved them so they could succeed in their task. While comparing notes, the three begin to bond over their shared hatred for Twilight Sparkle and the other ponies, with Chrysalis even mimicking Twilight Sparkle to the amusement of all. They decide to cooperate thanks to their shared hatred of the ponies. The three help each other to work their way to the top of Mt. Everhoof. At the part where Chrysalis previously failed, the trio succeeds by throwing Cozy who secures a vine, creating a bridge for the other two to walk across. Once at the cavern, they see that it is guarded by magic which Tirek is unable to break through. Cozy suggests that if Chrysalis gives up her magic temporarily, Tirek may have enough power in him to break the barrier. Although apprehensive at first, she reluctantly agrees to give up her magic. Even with this added magic, Tirek only has enough power to create a hole barely big enough for Cozy Glow to fit into. She hurries into the cavern and retrieves the bell before the hole seals. Tirek returns Chrysalis's magic, and she tells him that she was unsure if he were to return it. Tirek admits he considered it, but enjoyed working together. The three are then disgusted by their own actions, and call friendship a disease. They all fear how powerful Grogar will be once the bell is returned to him, and they all vow to seemingly work together until they find a way to usurp Grogar, and then they can fight amongst each other once again. At Grogars lair, the three lie to him about not being able to retrieve the bell. Although frustrated the task was incomplete, he commends them on finally being able to work together. We see then that the bell is hidden in Grogar's lair.



  • This marks the second appearance of Grogar
  • This is the first episode of the series where there is no appearance of any members of the main cast