Flight to Cloud Castle

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Flight to Cloud Castle
Generation 1 | Season 2 | Episode 8 & 9
My Little Pony 'n Friends
Original Airdate September 16 & 17, 1987
Writer(s) Michael Reaves
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Flight to Cloud Castle is a 2 part episode. Each segment is 10 minutes long and it was the fourth story in the second series of My Little Pony 'n Friends. This aired in the US between 16th and 17th September 1987


  • Episode 1 Locket, Heart Throb and Twilight are out playing when a bird whizzes past them. When they spot a magic Gnome named Garth on the ground with a lasso. They decide to help him and he explains what’s wrong. He’s true love is trapped asleep in an enchanted floating castle and he needs something to help fly him up there to rescue her. Heart Throb gives him a lift and gets him to tell her more about his true love. They make it to the castle and it moves away from them. Heart Throb gives chase but it’s too fast for her and moves up high so Locket tries but it moves away from her too. They decide to split up and take the castle on from all sides. They make it on to the castle only to be shot away again by a water creature and a fire creature. The castle gets away again so they then try lassoing the castle only for it to spin them off into the clouds.
  • Episode 2 Back where they started, they now plan to use the two creatures against each other. When their plan works they enter the castle. Garth uses some magic to show the way to Ariel his true love’s room and the ponies follow it. The creatures get their strength back and corner them in Ariel‘s room. They do their best to evade the creatures till Garth can kiss Ariel and wake her up from her slumber. The creatures turn into suitors that had made Ariel’s father cast the spell in the first place. The suitors had caused so much trouble fighting over her, her farther turned them into Ariel’s protectors. Ariel walks off telling Garth the spell wasn’t her idea and she’s not ready to fall in love yet. Then the castle begins to break apart and they fly Garth out to magic the ground soft for the castle to land on. They all escape just in time as the castle crumbles up and Garth and Ariel walk off hand in hand Ariel saying she may give Garth a chance after all.


Flight to Cloud Castle DVD re-release


  • For my True Love

For my true love, I would climb a mountain
I would cross the desert or sail the ocean blue
For my true love, I would face an army
I would fight a dragon or cut him right in two
I'd travel to the stars about
If I were asked by my true love
My true love
So come what may - I will go the distance
Let it hail and thunder
And still I will come though
There is nothing I won't do
For my true love, my true love, my true love


Katie Leigh as Heart Throb
Ellen Gerstell as Locket
Noelle North as Twilight
Unknown actor as Garth the Gnome

Crew and Credits


  • E1 When Garth explains what his problem is Locket and Twilight switch places.
  • E1 As Heart Throb flies past the castle fr the first time, she has no cutie mark.
  • E1 As the words “if anyone can go that high it’s you locket” are spoken no one moves their mouth. Then Locket disappears for a split second.
  • E1 After the creatures chase them off of the castle, from afar Heart Throb is next to Garth when close up it’s Twilight.
  • E2 When the fire salamander shoots Garth with some fire in Ariel’s room, his cell is standing on top of the fire.
  • E2 Twilight is the one left in the castle after it’s fallen to the ground but it’s Locket you see running away.

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