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{{disambig-two|Butterfly Island (location)|Butterfly Island (Play Set)|Butterfly Island Adventure}}
{{disambig-two|Butterfly Island (location)|Butterfly Island (playset)|Butterfly Island Adventure}}
[[File:RainbowIslandcartoon.jpeg|thumb|500px|Butterfly Island as seen in [[Friends are Never Far Away]].]]
[[File:RainbowIslandcartoon.jpeg|thumb|500px|Butterfly Island as seen in [[Friends are Never Far Away]].]]

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This article is about Butterfly Island (location). For "Butterfly Island (playset)", see Butterfly Island Adventure.

Butterfly Island as seen in Friends are Never Far Away.
The Rainbow Waterfall

Butterfly Island is a tropical island in Generation 3 of the My Little Pony franchise. The island features tropical fauna such as palm trees with coconuts and brightly colored fauna. The rather shy pegasi live here together with a large population of butterflies. It's reachable through a rainbow waterfall that connects to Ponyville, however due to them being reclusive they have never gone beyond it until Friends Are Never Far Away. Their elusiveness also has the earth ponies in Ponyville not really believe they exist when Skywishes reveals she has befriended one.

  • It is revealed by Star Catcher that pegasi loves ice cream.
  • A pegasus promise involves wrapping tails and sometimes a hoof bump.


Butterflies from the Island.
Other types of native butterflies.

Apart from pegasi, this island also houses a large amount of butterflies.

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