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Bonnie Zacherle is the creator of the My Little Pony toy line. She began working at Hasbro in 1980 and worked on many projects for the company. Her "toy horse pitch" was rejected several times before she was asked to design a pony toy for preschoolers. That toy became My Pretty Pony, My Little Pony's large, hard plastic predecessor. It was not until a marketing director's wife saw My Pretty Pony and opined that it should be small and soft that Bonnie's toy horse idea came to fruition and, after some design trial and error, became My Little Pony.

Bonnie has been a My Little Pony Fair special guest many times throughout the event's history and was the first individual inducted into the My Little Pony Hall of Fame at the 2013 My Little Pony Fair Celebration Dinner. In 2016, her book My Lil Pony Tale was published; it is her story of the creation of My Little Pony.